Healing yourself and others

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There are many ways to approach healing. For moment let's consider this general mode of healing:

Performed through spiritual means and through directing chi (life force energy)

That the goal is to see the pain in the world and to replace it with harmony

While that's pretty general, it does distinguishes this sort of healing from the "healing" the medical establishment offers with their drugs and surgery. I would call their activities "curing" rather than "healing", as their focus is to "cure" specific ailments.

Not that there is anything wrong with allopathic medicine with its drugs and surgery. The question is, what do they leave out by ignoring the spiritual level of healing? As broad-spectrum human beings we can approach every problem with solutions that address the full breadth of each problem.

There are many styles of this healing work, running the gamut from Reiki to Quantum Touch to Therepeutic Touch to Brennan Healing Science and more. I have another web site, energy-healing.info in which all the styles of energy healing are covered.

Learning this art of healing can be either very quick and simple, or a long process of discovery. The path you choose to learn healing is up to you. The quick and simple path is suited better to some people, while the long process of discovery is more suited to others.

In my case I began with a hypnotherapy group where the teacher used hypnosis more to assist people in connecting with their spiritual life. This is different than the typical hypnotherapy usage to do things like "stop smoking" or "lose weight", as hypnotherapy can also be used to explore the inner psyche. Dr. Freud for example developed the early foundation of his theories through the use of hypnosis, but later abandoned using hypnosis because of the lengthy induction methods known at that time.

After the hypnotherapy group I found Reiki (http://reiki.7gen.com/). While Reiki is definitely a sort of "quick and simple" energy healing methodology, I wasn't satisfied. I was enthralled with exploring how the universe is put together, and wanted a more comprehensive training. I eventually settled on Barbara Brennan's books and her training school (Barbara Brennan School of Healing) and got the depth I desired. I've since learned of Ron Roth and his work, and now am interested in the "simple" in healing, as I found it rather painful to make healing a complex subject.

Some basic fundamentals of energy healing

In order to heal someone, you must have someone present as your client. While you can heal yourself it is often easier to heal others. In the following description I'm presenting it as if you have another person as your healing client. You can also heal yourself or perform other healing activities through simple modification to the process.

This is a spiritual process, so of course the first step is to create alignment within yourself. The wisdom to help another heal is probably not known in your mind, but is available in the land of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It is best to let go of your mind trying to tell you how to do this, and in pure divine alignment act with the intent to help others.

The next step is putting your hands on the person you wish to heal. What you're doing is connecting with the issue they wish to heal. So if it's inconvenient to put your hands on the person, find some other way to get into contact with the issue they wish to heal. This is especially true if the person is a long distance away for healing can occur at long distance, even for thousands of miles.

The next step is, with an open heart, and divine alignment, intend for healing energies to flow. It is best to pray for guidance, to be held in divine alignment, and for the energy (chi) most useful for your clients healing to flow. This energy is going to flow through you, so be prepared to feel heat or cold or movement or a number of other sensations.

The next step is witnessing. Maintaining contact with the clients issue, and staying with the flow of energy, witness what happens.

Making it more complex

You can easily make this a more complex subject. For example you can attune yourself to different energy vibrations or frequencies. These are often seen as colors, though for myself they are more like sounds.

Another way to make this complex is to consider how the energy flows through you as you perform the healing. If you look at the map of the human energy system (see Chakras), the energy flows through the pathways shown in the pictures (and some not shown), then down your arms and into your client. I experience two energy flows, one coming from the earth, and the other from the sky. The earth energy appears to be the raw power used in performing the healing, while the sky energy appears to be the divine wisdom that shapes the raw power. It can be a very intricate and fruitful, in terms of personal growth, process to be an open and centered channel for this energy.

Also consider the energetic makeup of your client (see Chakras). You have chakras, the meridian system, multiple levels of the human energy field, cords connecting our relationships together, non-corproate entities floating about, and more. Each of these aspects to healing are deep and rich fields of study.

These books

[amazon-item:0553345397|Hands of Light A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field] and [amazon-item:0553354566|Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing]

are excellent if you wish to take healing work to the depths of intricacies available. And if you should be motivated, Barbara Brennan's school is excellent.

One style of simplicity: Reiki

Reiki (http://reiki.7gen.com/) is so simple that it is usually taught over a weekend. The essence of practicing Reiki is, first, that a healers trained with Reiki accesses a specific source of energy (chi) which has gauranteed safety mechanisms in it. To properly train in Reiki one must learn from a Reiki master, and the Reiki master "attunes" you to the Reiki symbols in a spiritual ceremony that allows you to access the Reiki energy.

Once attuned to Reiki the process is simple. Just put your hands on the client with the intent that Reiki flow. Reiki will take care of the rest.

For a list of books, see: energy-healing.info/healing_modality/reiki/616

Another style of simplicity: Ron Roth

Like I said, I've lately become interested in Ron Roth's work. He is a former Catholic Priest who began performing miracles and preaching a line of thought which apparently did not sit well with the leaders of the church. Whatever the reason he is no longer a Catholic priest and is still at work performing his miracles and teaching his message.

Since I am not Ron Roth I can only summarize his message.

The first part of his message, as I understand it, is to look carefully at the scriptures and understand with clarity what the scriptures say. Not just the scriptures, but all the authentic teachings of the ancient traditions. There is truth and a deep spiritual foundation that is available in the authentic teachings of the ancient traditions, but in the generations since the foundings of those ancient traditions the meaning of the authentic teachings became lost.

Ron has studied the ancient languages so that he can read the Bible and other ancient writings in their original language. Surely after several layers of translation (Aramaic to Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English) over the millenia, something was lost in the translation (as they say). A principle example is the Lords Prayer where he reinterprets it from the Aramaic directly into a very different statement than we have in the King James Bible.

Along the way Ron became adept at a style of healing which he claims Jesus performed. Indeed, Ron gets very interesting and profound results from his healing work.

What Ron demonstrates is fairly simple, but requires great spiritual discipline.

First one starts through practicing over time the experience of divine space, divine grace, and embodying divine wisdom. You would do this in your own way, and Ron recommends several prayers and meditation techniques.

In the actual act of healing one then uses the practiced divine grace to focus that grace on your client. One embodies divinity as fully as they are able, and then talks to the place within the client where the client desires healing. It is a form of "command" where you, embodying divinity, are, as a divine being, commanding health. The command is not in a form of demand, but instead as embodied divinity you act with the knowledge and assurance that all is possible because in divine grace all is possible.

Ron Roth points out that Jesus healed in the same way. Recall the various healings described in the New Testament. For the blind man did Jesus go into a long prayer beeseeching and pleading with God that God intercede and benevolantly give sight? No, Jesus simply said "SEE" and the blind man saw.

Now, if you were to walk up to a blind man and say "see" would that blind man then see? Probably not. So what Jesus did was not just the word "see", and what Ron claims is that he did as I described above. Namely, speaking while embodying divine grace, he said "SEE" as a divine command in the knowing that by divine grace the divine command of "SEE" can only occur. Perhaps you can see why this takes spiritual discipline.