A Pathway to Personal Transformation

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What is your purpose? What is your purpose for taking this course or otherwise studying the material discussed on this web site? Do you think it will make you powerful? Do you seek material gain from learning this material?

Let me suggest something. That your goal is the transformation of your life to peace.

Was that the answer you gave before I made my suggestion? Does my suggestion ring true or not?

Let me suggest something else. Regardless of the answer you give as your goal for studying this material, that the underlying goal is this search for peace. Regardless of whether you are studying this material for any purpose (such as creating a teaching career, or healing career, or career as a psychic), that within you is a desire for peace. It is the peace we all desire, the eternal peace promised by all the spiritual traditions.

Let us dispense with pretensions, and get to the point. You have pain in your life, all of us humans do. It doesn't take a psychic to tell you that your life has pain. It seems to be part of being human, to have pain. What, then, is pain? You can think pain is from your physical body, the aches and creaks of getting old for example. Or you can think it is encroaching diseases, poor digestion, sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress, or any of a number of other ills. What if pain is simply a lack of peace?

Some teachings talk about how the Universe is entirely one consciousness. Many spiritual teachers are fond of pointing to Quantum Physics as a way where Science is finally validating what spiritual teachings have said over millenia. For example Dr. Amit Goswami has a theoretical model where every particle is formed from a consciousness that has the intent for the particle to exist. The recent movies What the Bleep do we Know and The Secret went deeply into the connection between spiritual teachings and quantum physics.

If you can imagine or practice being one with the Universe, then why is your identity any less than being the Universe? And what would it be like to experience your identity as being identical with the whole Universe?

In the book, A Course in Miracles, the teaching is explicitly this idea. That our true identity is none other than being the Universe itself. Instead we seem to believe that our identity is associated with our physical body, that our identity is tied up in the name given to us at birth, or that our identity is tied up in the work we do in the world, and so on. All of that limits us from knowing our true identity and is the source of all the pain in the world.

In this course there are many exercises to practice. Consider, if you will, what is underneath those exercises. When you practice awareness of Chi or your energetic bodies, what is the purpose? Is it to learn some magical skill? Perhaps at one level it is, but at another level the purpose is also to give your mind a chance to consider what the real Universe is.

Is the real Universe what the physicists tell us? Since we can send healing to someone at any distance, doesn't this tell us that the physicists do not know how to completely describe the Universe? And that there is some sort of process in the Universe through which our consciousness can navigate across time and space?

Ultimately what causes our consciousness to be limited in identity? Why do we have trouble accepting that our identity is the same as the Universal consciousness? Let me suggest that the source of this limitation is what psychologists call The Ego.

The Ego forms during childhood and our process of becoming adults. A part of the formation of the ego involves our parents showing us what the "real" world is. When a child has an imaginary playmate, that nobody else sees, is that playmate a figment of their imagination, or is the playmate a spiritual being? Some clairvoyants, such as Barbara Brennan (in Hands of Light) observe that children have no filters on their perception of the spiritual world, and that in the process of forming the ego filters are taken on so that the adult can no longer experience the spiritual world. Hence, the observation is that children experience more of their true nature than adults do.

The underlying goal, this search for peace, is the path of transforming ones personal self into egoless states of unity with the divine harmony of the universe.

Now that I just reminded you that this is a "new age" website, what does that mean?

The theory is that it is the ego which creates the illusion that our personal identity is separate from everybody elses personal identity, and that it is also separate from the universal identity. This illusion is reinforced by the apparent physical separation where we each have individual bodies, that atoms and molecules are made of discreet chunks of matter, and so on. The theory further says that this is all illusion, and that the truth is that our identity is the same as the universal identity, and that all the forms of apparent separation are illusory.

But is this the truth? Well, first, I don't have the answer for that question, and am in much the same boat as you are in trying to know whether that theory is the truth, or not.. I am exploring this theory and proving to myself, hence the use of the word "theory" above. If this theory is true, then how can you test it?

Why, obviously, the best way to test this theory is the kinds of practices discussed on this web site.

For example, consider meditation for a moment. The practice is to breath, or count, and to stay with the breathing or counting, and if you wander from the breathing or counting, to return to it. It's hard to see the purpose of that isn't it? Or is it? Obviously while meditating you are also practicing being present with the current moment, the current place, and so forth. What does the current moment tell you? What do you perceive in the current moment? How much can you perceive in the current moment? And, in particular, through observing how your mind wanders you learn something about the process of your ego, bringing greater clarity to the process of your ego. Hence, meditation is an excellent way of exploring the question of what is your true identity, and what is not your true identity.

The other practices discussed on this web site allow you to challenge your mind to consider what is real. If you can discern with a pendulum some unknown truth, what does that mean about the nature of reality? Or if you can open to channeling, and access a source of wisdom that brings messages and learnings of great peace and harmony, then what does that mean about the nature of reality? Most likely it means the physical world isn't all it's made out to be, and that there is much more to the physical world than meets the eye.

In all of the processes discussed on this web site, consider this quest for peace. For the true peace of the ages. The consciouss that is in divine harmony with the universal consciousness is here to guide each of us, so that the divine consciousness may shine through each of us. If our true identity truly is the universal consciousness, would not that universal consciousness appear to have magical psychic gifts? In other words, as we practice psychic gifts, we are practicing allowing the divine consciousness to live in and through our being.