About David Herron

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In 1993 I began a spiritual awakening process which is continuing through today, and which has utterly changed and improved my life. The spiritual awakening was facilitated through learning to be a healer, and I've applied the spiritual principles in my life to create the great improvements in life quality I'm experiencing.

Before starting this journey I was very much in the skeptic role regarding this kind of healing. I clearly remember making fun of the kind of people who do what I am now doing.

For quite a long time I have been working with technology. In 1973 I found a computer lab in my high school and began hanging out with the other geeks there. In 1973 the computers available were very primitive. Not even the earliest of personal computers were available at the time. Yet I taught myself to write computer programs and have been writing software ever since. I currently work in the Silicon Valley technology industry.

The beginning, Hypnotherapy with a weird twist

This process begain with a hypnotherapy school, in Fremont CA, to which I was introduced. While the group leader came across like a used car salesman, something about the teachings resonated deep inside me. I noticed that even though what the guy had to say seemed nonsensical, it was "internally consistent" and was making good changes among the people coming there.

The critical feature of this school is that they bypassed the stereotypical hypnosis work (smoking cessation, weight loss, etc) and went straight for spiritual healing. This included past life regression, spirit communication, ET abductions, spirit possession, and more. Looking back, this was the part which resonated with me, the spiritual work. I witnessed many strange, deep and powerful healings at this school.

While learning hypnotherapy an interesting thing happened. I noticed "tingles" moving through me, going out my arms, and into the clients I worked on. I had no way to understand these tingles, but one of my fellow students said "oh, that's the energy". The energy? Hmm, intrigued I set out to learn about this "energy", eventually resolving to become an "expert" in energy healing. Whats this "energy" thing?

To get a handle on the "energy" I took several trainings.

The first was Reiki, eventually becoming a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. During that period I wrote The Reiki Page web site, which has since grown to be one of the leading information sites about Reiki. Additionally I took training with the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and various shamanic trainings.