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Akashic Records: These are past memories of other lifetimes kept in your subconscious mind. They are the lessons you have learned, and the lessons you still need to learn. It is a permanent record of all deeds you have done, good and bad. It is also a record of your attitudes and character, as well as the conditions under which you have lived.

Attunement: To bring into harmony or agreement with your inner self, and with the sympathetic vibrations of the universes perspective.

Aura: A semi-invisible energy surrounding a person, place or thing. An atmosphere surrounding a person that contains energies of color that depicts how you are feeling, and what psychic energies you have.

Band: A group of invisible spirits who make up your guides, which inspire and direct you in positive matters.

Chakra: Subtle psychic sense organs in the human body which channel psychic energies. The word is Sanskrit for wheel, and to those who can see them they are trumpet shaped with a round front. Chakra's receive non-physical energies from the world around, and transliterate them into information or spiritual nourishment. The Chakra's are related and connected to the endocrine system. They also serve as a psychic link between the physical and superphysical states of consciousness.

Channeling: To convey or lead through. To conduct as a channel or medium. To let spirit convey or speak through a person.

Clairaudience: The act of inner hearing or hearing the unheard. Being able to listen to guides or spirits directing or communicating within yourself.

Clairvoyance: The act of inward vision, or receiving visual impressions from the etheric world. Seeing the "unseen".

Communication: Exchange of information between the visible and invisible entities through your own sensitivities or a medium.

Consciousness: Awareness of one's feelings, impressions and thoughts. Awareness of inner and universal knowledge. The whole scope of God's energy.

Deja vu: The thought of being or seeing something before, when you know you physically haven't seen or been there before.

Ectoplasm: A vaporous, luminous substance that emanates from a manifested spirit, or what is seen around a medium while in a trance. Sometimes seen with the color gold, and/or with sparkles of light.

Energy: Force of expression. Power obtained through consumption and gaining of spiritual knowledge. Life's forces. That which enables us to move and think. Spiritual energy - that which is given by God. In this course, the word Energy is interchangeable with the words Chi, Qi, or Prana as used in other cultures.

Enlightenment: TO give the light of fact and knowledge. To reveal the truths of wisdom. To see and understand things more clearly. To progress.

Entity: A thing that has definite individual existence in reality or in the mind. Anything real in itself. A spirit whether "in" or "out" of a physical shell (a body).

E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception): Psychic awareness. Psychic comprehension, insight or intuition.

Essence: The totality of the inner spirit and sou. The inward nature of a person and the true substance of that person.

Insight: The ability to see and understand clearly the inner nature of things, especially by intuition.

Intuition: The direct knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning which results in immediate comprehension and understanding.

Karma: An oriental doctrine of action and reaction, of cause and effect, of good and bad deeds. A system of justice and balance that must be even to progress to the next plane of God's consciousness, and so not to have to come back in an earthly form.

Meditation: The art science of uniting self with spirit. Deep concentration which realizes ones own divinity in truth, and leads to a higher state of awareness. Deep reflection on sacred matters as a devotional act. While using a deep thought process, oral or written material given by spirit.

Medium: An intervening person through which spirit can convey or speak through. A person who lets a spirit use their body, especially their vocal cords, to speak, usually in a different tone or a different voice. A person through whom communications are sent to the living from spirits of the dead. One purpose is the transmutation of higher vibrational patterns into the manifest world, allowing the divine presence to work through a human is the only way to do this, and cause improvements in the manifest world.

Metaphysics: A philosophy that treat the first principles of the ultimate nature of existence. The origin of reality and experiences, especially in the secret and hidden branches of philosophy and knowledge. The combining of religious philosophies with scientific facts.

Occult: Secret, hidden or concealed, as in a religious ceremony. Mysterious philosophies of hidden religious knowledge. Beyond human understanding. Certain mystic arts, such as magic, astrology, and other sciences claiming use of knowledge of secret, mysterious or supernatural agencies.

Progression: Moving forward or onward in development. Evolving into higher states of consciousness and awareness. In the process of moving on to the next level or plane of consciousness.

Projection: Thought transference of energy which forces that energy from one place to another. A thought process that sees events that have not yet happened. Visual images directed from one person to another. In psychology, projection is to take an inner problem, deny that you have the problem, and pretend that everybody else has the problem (everybody does this to some degree, and it is important to learn to recognize when you're doing it).

Psychic: A person who is sensitive to spiritual forces beyond the physical world. A spiritual medium. Beyond natural or known physical processes. A mental phenomena outside of natural or scientific knowledge, caused by a supernatural force or agency (spirit).

Parapsychology: A psychology that investigates the psychic phenomena of dealing with spirits. The action and reaction between a physical person and an invisible or visible spirit.

Possession: The act of a non-physical entity entering and taking over another body, to control that person and to get them to do its bidding.

Psychokinesis: The ability to move objects or influence events by mere thought. Intelligent energy used as a force to move objects.

Psycholinguistics: The perception of, and response to, the relationship between language and behavioral patterns and characteristics of a medium while dealing with spirit or acting as a medium.

Psychometry: The ability to obtain knowledge about a person by holding an object between your hands, or to your forehead, with the capacity to receive impressions from that object. The supernormal sensitivity to the vibrations of the object, enables one to be able to visualize events, situations, or the character of the person that the object belongs to.

Reincarnation: The doctrine that the soul entity experiences successive cycles of life upon this planet, through different personalities and lifetimes, until their earthly lessons are learned, and all karmic obligations are fulfilled and balanced.

Solar plexus: An area about the size of your fist, behind the stomach. It is a bundle of nerve connections that is thought to be a second brain. It is related to the third chakra, the will center.

Spirit: An entity that exists outside of the body. A guide or teacher that relates knowledge to a receptive individual. A messenger from God that teaches divine wisdom.

Symbolism: Often images created by spirit to relate knowledge to an individual for the purpose of communication and understanding, due to language barriers. A thought or an idea depicted by an object or picture. As any student of dreams knows, the inner mind works in symbolic patterns, and it seems that Spirit communicates to us in those same symbolic patterns.

Telekinesis: The supernormal movement of objects without the application of normal physical force. If an object is thus raised, it is termed levitation. Psychokinetic energy is intelligence in or out of the body, that results in telekinesis.

Telepathy: The transference of thought images and vibrations from one mind to another, without ordinary sensory or physical means.

Transfiguration: A spirit comes across the face, and sometimes the entire body. The spirit displaces your face, or body, so one can see only the spirit and not the face or body it's on.

Transformation: A spirit comes across the face as a shadow, or mingles with ones face, overlapping their features with yours.

Trance: A condition in which a medium passes control to a spirit force for the purpose of communicating with said spirit. A state of altered consciousness, somewhat resembling sleep, during which voluntary movement is lost, and the subjective mental powers may be utilized by other entities or spirit. There are many degrees of trance, ranging from a light meditation, to a deep trance, then to a dead trance, with varying degrees in between.

Zen: A thinking meditation. To see and contemplate. A Buddhist sect developed in Japan. It seeks enlightenment through an analyses of one's self and intuition.