What is long distance healing?

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

In my Energy Healing practice distance is irrelevant. Reaching over distance to send healing is a matter of connecting through what appears to me as a "tunnel" or "wormhole". It is through that connection which the healing is given.

I began sending healing long distance before receiving any formal healing training. In my training from multiple schools (Reiki, Barbara Brennan School of Healing and even Hypnotherapy) it included several approaches to sending healing over a distance. To form the connection all I need is someones name and location, and divine intention is then used to create the connection. Remember, in the divine we have no bounds.

Recieving long-distance healing can be as powerful as receiving healing in person. It is best used when time or distance prevents us from meeting in person. Long distance healing is very useful for children, animals, and other situations where direct contact would be distracting or otherwise interfere with the healing. Long distance healing is very useful for extreme illness such as coma and hospitalization, where the physical contact might be greatly limited by circumstance.