David Herron's Healing Work

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

For most healers, the way they work and the quality of that work changes and grows over time.

As an Energy Healer I invoke and embody divine presence and grace, and bring Chi to you, my cleint. The work is done by having you lie on a massage table (you remain fully clothed), as I move my hands from place to place on your body. As I work, I am sensing what issues are present in your Aura, and under divine guidance bring the Chi and energetic forms that will assist you in releasing patterns that hold you back from expressing who you truly are. My intent is to hold my self and body open as a vehicle for channeling the divine energies and wisdom, so that by touching divine wisdom your own wisdom may expand and reshape your life.

The focus of my energy healing practice is the Human Energy Field (HEF, also known as the Aura). The HEF is an area surrounding each persion at a distance of approximately three feet (generally arms length). In the HEF you find aspects of the physical body, emotions, mental states, inner symbology, and ones personal connection with the divine presence. Through interaction with a person, in the level of their HEF (aura), one can help them create greatly positive changes to their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well being .

In energy healing I work holistically with you, in all levels of your body, mind, spirit, and being, interacting in subtle collaboration at the level of the subtle energies (Chi). As I explore, the energetic structures holding your issues in place can experience peace and divine harmony, releasing the old patterns, and freeing you to be more of who you truly are.