Aligning yourself with divinity

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What do you mean by saying "I want to know how to live my life"? Or "Can't we all just get along"?

Both of these have a common question, "What is the most harmonious action, that serves all, in the moment"? Or, "What would God do if s/he were in my shoes right now"?

In every moment you have choices, do you want chocolate or vanilla, will you turn left or right, will you smile at the person who just cut you off or flip them the bird? While we seem to have more options than "either-or", at the root of every moment is deciding between unitive consciousness (love) or destructive consciousness (hate).

While this theorizing could go on for awhile (a long while), this page is to introduce you to some simple methods to align yourself with divine wisdom and harmony. We can't pretend to tell you the best method to make the best choices in every moment, because, well, the method is both too simple and too complex to cover in a zillion web sites. What we have here is a couple methods to experience divine alignment, so you can practice, so that it will hopefully become a habit, leading you to making more unitive consciousness choices over time. Doing so will reduce pain and suffering in the world, and increase the experience of spiritual truth, and that's a Good Thing.

First, what does it mean to be out of alignment. In one view, each persons Ego (aka Easing God Out) gets in the way of the divine wisdom from acting in the world. It is the divine wisdom which encompasses the needs of all things, creating actions that are in harmony with all things, thus is unitive consciousness, yes? The ego, by comparison, chooses purely from it's direct personal viewpoint, selfishness abounds, grabbing attention and spotlight from others, or whatever it is your ego does to skew the works. How can this be in divine alignment?

Finding alignment

On this page we're going to experiment with getting into divine alignment.

Let's first look at a method that builds on four levels of reality:

  • Physical body: Sit in a chair, your feet firmly and flat on the floor, spine erect. Optionally you can stand, feet firmly and flat on the floor, weight evenly distributed, feet about shoulder length apart, knees slightly bent (not locked), pelvis loose and open, spine erect.
  • Aura: Beginning at the first chakra, visit with each chakra in turn, intending for it to be open. The goal is to have each chakra open equally, each in balance with the other. Witness whatever sensations you have, witnessing any holdings or lacks or fears or anxiousness that comes, just witnessing these feelings.
  • Intentionality: This is deeper than the Aura, and is the "intention" underlying everything which is the intention choosing between unitive and destructive consciousness. Neither emotions nor thoughts exist at this level, purely the intention. Similar to the witnessing your thoughts or emotions, witness the choosing between love and hate. Witness the deeper quality of your choosing. In Barbara Brennan's writings (especially Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing) this is called the Hara.
  • Core Essence: Deeper than the intentionality is the spark of your own divinity. A physical location in your body is the lower stomach, near to the pelvis. Yet, divinity is everywhere, in all things. It is where we know we are one with everything (and, no, we don't mean what the Buddha meant when he asked the hot dog vendor "make me one with everything"). In Barbara Brennan's writings (especially Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing) this is called the Core Star.

Okay, so maybe that was too general. Maybe you don't know what a chakra is. Maybe you aren't clear what intentionality looks like. Maybe you can't find your divinity on demand. All in due time, baby steps get you there just as surely as large leaps.

For this page, let's just look at aligning the chakra's. For those who don't know, the word "Chakra" comes from Sanskrit (the root language of all Indo-European languages) and means "Wheel". Some aspects of the Chakra's look like a wheel, and they do spin. Their job is absorbing energy (prana or chi) from the universe, using it to nourish your body. The chakra's also work with the flow of energy through the energetic systems of your aura. There is much more to the aura than the chakra's. For the moment we will discuss the seven "main" chakra's, as that's what most teachers concentrate on.

  1. The first chakra is located in the floor of the pelvis, generally with the perineum. It points downward, and has the primary function of your physicality and presence in the world right here and right now.
  2. The second chakra is located in the pelvis, above the sexual organs, and below the belly button. There's a forward and backward half to this chakra (as for the 2nd through 6th). It's primary purpose is sexuality and creativity.
  3. The third chakra is located with the solar plexus, just below the rib cage. It's primary purpose is your will.
  4. The fourth chakra is located in the heart area. It's primary purpose is love, of self, and of others.
  5. The fifth chakra is located in the throat. It's primary purpose is speech, especially speaking your truth and power into the world, and it is part of manifesting your desires to speak your desires.
  6. The sixth chakra is located in the forehead. It's primary purpose is divine vision, and is often associated with clairvoyance and other psychic gifts.
  7. The seventh chakra is located in the top of the head, and points upward. Remember, the 2nd through 6th have both forward and backward aspects, while the 1st and 7th point upwards and downwards. The 7th's primary purpose is divine connection, the divine wisdom.

The alignment process should begin to make sense now. Let's run through it again, but with more detail this time.

  1. Sit or stand in physical alignment. Intend openness and relaxation to your muscles beginning with your feet on up through the rest of your body. This is as for the "physical body" step above.
  2. First witness the earth, your presence here and now, the nurturing the earth brings you. Not just in the food it provides, but in every moment there is supporting energy in the ground. Feel the molten core of the earth deep below. Witness the connection from your perineum, down your legs, into the nurturing energy of the earth.
  3. Relax and open the area of the first chakra. It may help to thrust your torso & pelvis towards the ground, grunting away, very earthily.
  4. Relax and open the area of the second chakra. It may help to do pelvic thrusts, or wiggle your hips, like the hula.
  5. Relax and open the area of the third chakra.
  6. Relax and open the area of the heart. It may help to stretch your arms to open your chest, both front and back.
  7. Relax and open the throat. It may help to make sounds, no thought or judgement on the sound, just sounds, and to rotate your head to loosen your throat.
  8. Relax and open the middle of your head. It may help to point your vision towards the center of your forehead.
  9. Relax and open the top of your head. It may help to give yourself a scalp rub. Experience divine wisdom.

There, wasn't that easy? This much brings alignment in the auric level, and it has a nice side effect of opening and balancing all the major chakras.

Bringing in alignment with the next two parts, intentionality and core essence, is somewhat beyond what this page is going to talk about. So let me briefly describe something that might get you started.

  1. Intentionality: After doing the aura alignment (above) witness a line of connection running out the top of your head, and down to the center of the earth, running through the center of your being. Be careful as there is an aura-level vertical connection between the 1st and 7th chakra, and that is not the line of intentionality. Be pure positive intention. Note, this is pretty advanced and at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing is expected to be understood only after three years of training.
  2. Core Star: After finding your intentionality sink even deeper into an area near your center-of-mass (lower abdomen). While this is also taught at BBSH primarily in the fourth year, this is something I found well before I'd even heard of BBSH. At that time I simply had the idea that somewhere inside me is a spark of absolute divine truth, and I just kept sinking further and further until something tremendously bright and beautiful lit up inside me. This is what you're looking for. As Barbara Brennan describes it, and as I experienced, the core star is the piece of you indistinguishable from the all-that-is.

Prayer and divinity

Alignment is to be in harmony with the divine will. For example, by opening all your chakras the energy coming into you at all levels are balanced.

There are many ways to be in harmony with divine will, not just this one exercise. Prayer is commonly used and recommended to harmonize with divine will. Let me share a simple prayer taught by Ron Roth:

Connect with your breathing

As you breath in and out repeat this thought: (breath in) "I am", (breath out) "God Breath"

That's it, breathing and repeating "I am God, breath". In case you're worried over saying "I am God", this connects with the whole of Ron's teaching. He says that Jesus was teaching people direct experience of divinity, of finding the spark of divinity inside themselves and expressing it. By saying "I am God" you automatically connect with your spark of divinity, bringing it more to life through your breath.

There are many forms of prayer. I've given this one because I happen to like it. You may like other prayers, so please experiment.

What to expect

What can you expect from this? Why do it?

Well, by being in positive alignment actions you undertake tend to happen more smoothly and/or in harmony with some kind of higher purpose. Events may happen somewhat abruptly or be surprising to you, so always look for the higher purpose that may be involved. Our egos may have figured out the "perfect solution" whereas the higher or divine purpose might have something else in store for you.

It's not going to work to try and trick the divine purpose. That is, if your ego is choosing on its own the actions you take, then you are not in divine alignment.

So who is in charge? Well, is it too much of a stretch to say "you are"??

In terms of having free will, you are always in charge. You can use your free will to live from your ego, choosing your actions in egoic terms. As they say, they who lives by the sword dies by the sword. You can also choose to live from divine alignment, choosing your actions to be in alignment with the divine purpose.

Why do this? How do you wish your life to flow? Do you wish more ease, and being connected with your divine purpose? Or do you wish trouble, uncertainty, or feeling unconnected with your divine purpose? It's really up to you.

One last thought, don't expect this to work miracles overnight. Don't practice alignment for one day and expect instantly that every choice you make is in proper divine alignment. This is a learning process, and it's best to take baby steps. Practice this process, experiment, witness the results, and ask for some kind of validating process to help you learn what is in alignment for you and what is out of alignment.