What is Energy Healing?

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Stated generally, healing is a return to wholeness. This wholeness is to be in alignment with your divine self.

In healing we embody and invoke the divine presence, and as our divine self we know that our condition can change for the better. As we allow the divine grace to work with us, healing can occur on many levels.

As a divine practice, healing does not always have the same meaning as the one used in modern medicine. We, as humans, cannot predict nor dictate the result of healing. Can one yell at the ocean waves to have them stop? No, nor can we force the divine to do our will.

Energy Healing is a practice that promotes positive change in people. It involves an offering of life-force-energy (called chi or prana) that enables change towards greater peace, harmony, health, vibrancy, and full expression of ones true self. It is not a medical practice, but one of seeking spiritual wholeness transcending ones pain or struggle.

Chi is a non-physical energy form recognized for millenia by the spiritual traditions of many cultures, and is widely recognized by those spiritual traditions as the fundamental building material of all things.

In Energy Healing, the core idea is that everything in the world is made of various energies. Both ancient mystical traditions and and the leading edges of modern science (Quantum Physics) agree on this idea. With Energy Healing we are able to tune in with with these energies and through our intention assist healing clients with bringing healing change into their lives.

Spiritual teachers for thousands of years have taught about a non-material world in which the seeming solidity of the physical world is seen to be an illusion. In this non-material world all that exists can be manipulated through a combination of thought, visualization, and intention. Further, that non-material world intertwines with the physical world, creates the physical world, and therefore any disturbance in the non-material spiritual world will have an affect in the physical world.

The human "aura" is the non-material aspect of human beings. In the aura, which I also call the "Human Energy Field", is a template for the physical body, ones emotions, ones thoughts and mind, ones inner symbology, and ones spiritual and divine connection. The energetic processes occurring in the aura intermingle with the physical processes of the physical body, and it is truly hard to say whether the condition of the aura affects the physical body, or whether the physical body affects the condition of the aura. They do affect one another, and often change in the aura can have profound effect on the physical body.

David Herron, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

The term "Brennan Healing Science" is used by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (barbarabrennan.com) to describe the system of Energy Healing taught in that school. It is a very in-depth teaching involving aspects of psychology, deep spiritual development, channeling healing knowledge from spiritual guides, spiritual surgury, past lives, healing cords and relationships, and so much more.

David graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2001.

David Herron, Reiki Master

Reiki is a specific form of energy healing developed in the late 1800's by Mikaomi Usui, a Buddhist monk in Japan. He developed it from information found in ancient Tibetan scrolls.

You can learn more about Reiki from David's other web site, The Reiki Page (thereikipage.com).

I became a Reiki master in 1995 and have taught Reiki classes several times. At this time I am not teaching Reiki.