Introduction to the Course in Metaphysics

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

What is metaphysics? It is the study of, and the acquiring of some of God's endless wisdom and endless powers. It is both scientific and religious knowledge blending together to give you some of the secrets of the universe. It will show you how all religions can blend together in harmony without taking away your own personal beliefs.

Metaphysics is not a game. It is very powerful and not something to fool around with. It must be used properly with God's light, and not used for evil or forceful intent. It is your choice what you do with the material presented here, and I let go of consequences you create for yourself.

When used correctly, metaphysics can make your whole life better and more peaceful. It will give you a better understanding of the things going on around you. It will make you face your own personal realities and fears, as well as universal realities. It will help you improve your natural abilities as well as your psychic abilities. It will show you an outlet to help all mankind while expressing love to others and finding your own personal inner-peace. It will give more meaning to your life, and make your life more worth being alive.

These teachings are only tools. If you use them, you will benefit by them. If you read, but do not practice the concepts, your energies and progressions will be very slow.

Some of you might become teachers, mediums, healers or even knowledgeable psychics. Others will find a new way of life with an understanding they didn't know was possible. Your destiny is your choice.

As you take this class and gain knowledge, you must maintain a balance between this work and your earthly life. Do not make this work an obsession and the only thing that you are interested in. You must have a balance between metaphysics, your job, your family, and your relaxation and pleasure.

In this class take care at how quickly you receive the information. It is challenging to confront all the beliefs that go into creating the physical world you've grown to know. It is better to pace yourself, to learn, expand, and integrate at a healthy pace.

You are always encouraged to ask questions, however note that nobody is here on this web site to answer them. Within the course you will find tools to ask questions of your spiritual guidance (and, yes, you do have spiritual guides). You may also seek the company of fellow students in your local neighborhood. Skepticism is welcome and a useful tool at exploring questions to come to deeper truth, however overdoses of skepticism can lead you astray. An open mind can search and accept truth, a questioning mind can look at something and explore rather than just accepting (or rejecting) out of blind faith. If you don't ask questions and ponder, you lessen your capacity to learn.

Metaphysics is the center of all religions. This class is neither a church or religious sect. The best analogy is to consider each religion as a path up a mountain, and each religion points to the same mountain peak but in its own way. Each religion is centered in a unique social context, and it is that social context which shaped messages from the Divine into the specifics of each religion.

Being comprehensive rather than limited, this course embraces the mystical teachings of higher spirits of universal knowledge. This course gives you the freedom to seek God and divine powers in your own way. This can be done through your own self unfoldment and realization of higher awareness. Not through the agency of a creed or authoritative dogma.

This class does not have authoritative overtones or precepts which can bind the mind of man in any way. It is also for those whose spirits of inner self yearn to understand the mysteries buried in the scriptures, and the knowledge given from the universal teachings of the Etheric, which is not found in any textbook. It is for anyone who wishes to understand the knowledge of life, and to promote their own personal philosophy of things around them.

In this class or any other future endeavors into this field, you are urged to always seek and demand truth, and to analyze for yourself all that you see and hear, and all that is taught. Never are you to be subjected to dogmatic commands by an earthly leader seeking self-righteous authority or obedience. You are here only for the truth, self-awareness and higher consciousness.

There are many benefits to this class if you use the tools that will be given to you. Take all the lessons within your inner self and try to use them in your daily life. In order to do this successfully you must have faith in God or at least a supreme being. You must be unselfish and have a need to help others. And, most importantly, a desire to better your inner self.

If you're having some kind of difficulty with this class, your personal life, your health or mental well being, special counseling is available. You may contact me (David Herron; or other healers for aid and assistance.

You may find events "conspiring" to keep you from studying the material in this course. You may lose books, forget the web site, say "I'll work with this tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes, or any of a million other events. This may be a coincidence, or it may be inner forces that would keep you from learning this material. The material in this course will challenge your Ego, and your Ego will attempt to undermine the teachings presented here. The Ego will see this material as a threat to its existence. Consider if you want to continue a life of suffering, or if you desire the true peace of the ages. If you choose door number two (peace of the ages) you must eventually confront the power your Ego has over your life.

Possible benefits attained through this course

  • Improve your awareness.
  • Sensitize your mind.
  • Improve your ESP
  • Give strength and more meaning to your life.
  • Help obtain goals you never thought were possible before.
  • Growth in mind and spirituality.
  • The elimination of fears.
  • Protection from lower entities and other destructive forces.
  • To become a better person, projecting love and goodness to others.
  • Added energy and vitality you may have never experienced before.
  • Obtainment of universal knowledge, and a better understanding of life.
  • A decade from now, writing a strange web site full of weird but interesting ideas.