Questions to ponder about life

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Right Understanding

Am I happy in what I am doing?

Do I feel comfortable meeting new people?

Am I open to new experiences?

Do I impose my prejudices on others?

Do I have strong principles that guide me in my daily actions?

Do I behave in ways that might be masking fear (boastful or arrogant)?

If so, what situations trigger this behavior and what is the cause?

Do I avoid situations where I might have to confront my fears?

Right Labor

Am I happy in my work?

Do I feel inspired and alive at my job?

Does my work put undue stress on me?

Is it serving myself and others in a way I can feel good about?

Is it harnessing the full range of my talents?

Are these talents I'm suppressing?

Am I eager to return to work?

Are my contributions appreciated?

Does my job give me the flexibility to meet other needs in my life, or does it demand all my time and energy?

Am I preoccupied with other things when I'm at work?

Do my co-workers constitute right fellowship for me?

Do I feel clear and vital when I leave my workplace?

Right Diet

Is my diet promoting my health and well-being?

Is it vital?

Does it meet my ethics and principles (vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, etc.)?

Do I have food allergies?

Do I eat my meals leisurely or do I bolt them down?

Do I eat enough whole foods?

Am I overly concerned about my weight or physical appearance?

Should I be taking certain food supplements with my meals?

Have I experienced any symptoms of imbalance in my diet, such as skin problems or a lack of energy?

Right Fellowship

Are the people in my life promoting my well-being, or are they holding me back from pursuing my goals?

Would it be better if I had more friends?

What kind of people am I drawn to?

Is my thought process stimulated by the words of a particular individual, or by the association with certain people?

Can I express the full range my talents with the group of people who are currently active in my life?

Do I have a high trust level with my current friends?

Are the relationships in my life based on honesty and openness?

Do my friends reflect my values and principles?

Right Expression

Do I articulate myself well?

Do I feel that people really hear and understand me?

Am I talking to people or at them?

Am I adequately communicating my needs to others?

Am I saying one thing with my mouth and something else with my body?

Does my style of dress express who I am?

Am I too impulsive in my communications? Too measured?

Am I afraid to express my true feelings to others?

Does shyness or lack of confidence interfere with my self-expression?

Right Prayer

Do I feel comfortable going into an inner presence?

Do I take time to have a deep communication with God?

Do I remember to pray for others as well as for myself?

Do my prayers seem to help in any way, or do they seem empty or unfulfilled?

Do I feel the divine presence with I pray?

Do I respect others' rights to pray as they choose?

Right Meditation

Is my meditation promoting my well-being?

What is right meditation for me?

In what circumstances do I feel closest to the divine?

When do I feel most inspired?

What kind of meditation best aligns my mind, body and spirit?

Do I feel refreshed and revitalized after my meditation?

Am I comfortable in the space in which I meditate?

Do I feel more comfortable meditating alone or with others?

Are my meditations deepest in the morning or at night?

Do I meditate better outdoors?

Right Mind

Can I identify the nature of my own thought process?

Do I use it to my advantage?

Do I recognize its limitations?

Do I thrust onto other people my own method of arriving at solutions?

Can I respect the thought process of the people around me, even when they differ from my own?

Do I always have to be right?

Can I put myself into someone else's shoes to see things as they see them?

Do I hold one method of thought to be superior to others (e.g. analytical is superior to intuitive, or vice versa)?