Request a healing

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

You may of course request healing for yourself, or others. If requesting healing for another your intended recipient must know they are receiving a healing and are in agreement with this. This has to do with karma and free will, for it is best if someone chooses of their own free will to receive healing. If you were to "force" healing upon another, it is a form of interference. This only applies if your intended recipient is conscious or otherwise able to give approval.

Currently I only offer long distance healing. Click on the button below to begin the process. The fee is $50 (US) and is charged through Paypal. By using Paypal I can accept payment from several countries outside the U.S.

Within two days I will send healing to you or your intended recipient. In the Paypal webpages you will be asked "What do you wish to heal", and you may put any information there you wish. I will use your name and email address to create the healing connection with you, and any further information you provide will aid me in locating the issue to be healed. If this healing is for another person, make sure to enter their name and other identifying information in this box. After sending the healing, I will contact you via email to give a brief report.