The chakras as subpersonalities

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Sub-personality is a term from psychology referring to the theory of how the ego is formed. The idea is that the ego is, internally, constructed from a number of personalities each striving for dominance. The dance of the various internal personalities weave together to make the surface appearance of the individual's personality and behavior.

The following is comes from an inspiration regarding the role of each chakra, and how you can interpret each chakra as a sub-personality. Each chakra has an interesting and unique role to play, and one source of pain is to try and make a chakra perform duties outside of its role.

The sub-personalities

Worshiper It is through the crown "chakra" (Sahasrara padma) that we know and learn about the divine thoughts we are to hear. It is around the crown that artists paint halo's around the Saints. It is through the crown that many religious traditions teach practices meant to connect with the divine.
Watcher The purpose of the third eye (Ajna) is to see things. To see whatever the person wants to see in going about their life and work. To see something is to know about it. That is all the Ajna is to do, this seeing.

It is like the mythical figure (no doubt misrepresented by Marvel Comics), the Watcher, who sits by the sidelines watching for eternity.

Speaker It is by speaking (Visuddha) that our intent and will, our loves and hopes, our anger and joy, and everything else is made known to the world. It is through speaking, often, that we can create the things we wish to see in the world, because often creating requires telling others the vision we hold. Speaking a thought makes the thought physical and real.

One of the most powerful positions in the U.S. Congress is the Speaker of the House.

Lover The heart (Anahata) is the source of romantic literature, and all romance. When we are in love, our heart is all aflutter. When love ends, our heart feels like it may break. The heart is also for our love of self, the care and nurturing we give to ourself.
Maker The solar plexus (Manipura) is often thought to have brain-like functions, given that it has such a large set of nerves. In any case it is the seat of ones will-power. A common phrase is "intestinal fortitude", referring to people with enough will-power to do difficult tasks. Another observation is that when people worry, their stomach churns, coincidentally where this chakra lives.
Creator The second chakra (Svadhisthana) has two purposes with one, procreation and sexual activity, generally confused as being the only role. Sex and procreation is only one form of creation, yes? Artists of all stripes also tap into the same source, this chakra, for the creative juices. Maybe this is why artists sometimes have outrageous sex lives.
Exister It is through the root chakra (Muladhara) that physical existance is coordinated. This is the base of your being, the presence in the physical world, ones stability.