Protecting yourself and your spirit

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

In this course you will be learning to navigate through the Universal Energy Field via your personal Human Energy Field. So far the writings in this course have been setting the tone and groundwork for this course, and now it is time to begin learning and applying some principles.

For the first lesson, let's try something practical. Personal protection.

Have you ever had a conversation where the other is talking on and on, dominating the conversation, and as it goes on and on you feel worn out? Or, have you ever witnessed two people just fighting on and on, and not getting anywhere? Nobodies winning, it's just a fight, and both are losing (in reality). Or how about a person that just sits there saying nothing while you're doing all the work of the conversation? Or have you been in a conversation where you end up agreeing with another, but it's something you're opposed to? Ever feel immediately defensive when someone walks into the room, and you're not sure why?

There is much that goes through the Universal Energy Field beneath the level of awareness. Scientists like to talk about chemical signals (pheromones) or subtle body or verbal cues, and while those are part of this picture in this course we are exploring a deeper level. A level of interaction happening underneath the physical matter. You may find the exercise to find your aura helpful.

You may find it helpful to consider, what purpose "protection" has. That is, the Universal Energy Field contains everybody and every thing, meaning that we are all part of the same universal continuum. The exercises below contain an idea that we are each separate beings. To our EGO's this concept is true, but as you advance in spiritual awareness you begin to experience the opposite, that we are all connected and that we are all part of oneness (the universal continuum). This is a topic for another page, however. The idea is brought up soley to pop a concept in the back of your mind. Your EGO may find these exercises useful, and there may be a time when you naturally find it necessary to dismiss using them.

Shield of Light

There are many forms you can use for protection, so let's start with the simplest. This involves visioning a shield circling around you, allowing only loving thought forms to enter your space. You would use this whenever you have concerns over the type of thought forms coming to you.

  1. Enter a quiet and meditative state. Eyes closed, sitting up erect, both feet firmly connected to the floor or ground.
  2. Spend a moment in this state to find yourself.
  3. Once you have, visualize and intend for an emanation of light to come from the core of your being.
  4. Visualize and intend for this light to form a shield, or wall, or firm boundary. The boundary must extend in all directions, both horizontally, and vertically. Remember this world is three dimensional, and that energy forms can come from any angle, even through the ground.
  5. Stay with this long enough to know its strength.
  6. Over the coming hours, check in with the status of the shield. Have you let it lapse? If so, why? Does it lapse for particular reasons, or in certain circumstances? Why? What does this tell you about yourself? Was there something, an event or thought, that directly caused the shield to disappear?


A variation is used when you wish to "return to sender". If you're feeling anothers thought forms coming at you, there are a number of choices. One choice is to simply be in reaction, no thinking, no contemplating, no choosing, just reacting. With this exercise, the choice is "that isn't mine" and to simply send it back.

This is done as with the shield of light but with this difference

  1. Visualize and intend for this light to form a shield that is also a mirror. The mirror extends in all directions around you. This mirror has the effect of sending negative thought forms back to the sender.


Another variation is to stop certain thought forms, while allowing others. For example, if there is a particular person you wish no contact with you might use the filter. Or knowledge of a specific event. Or specific topics, regardless of who is the bringer of the topic.

Again this is done as for the shield of light but with this difference

  1. Visualize and intend for this light to form a shield that is selectively porous. The shield circles all around you in every direction. It has the effect of blocking specific thought forms, events, people, contact, discussion, of your choosing.

Personal safety

This is a variation of the Filter which is most useful while driving or other times when personal safety is greatly dependant on the cooperation of others for mutual safety.

Let's digress a bit and discuss a bit about The Road. Consider that we all have a higher purpose of living that most likely includes safely driving to wherever we're going. How else can The Road work? In our current modern days, The Road is a frightfully dangerous place, we strap ourselves into multi-ton sized machines, and hurtle ourselves down The Road at tremendous speed, while passing mere inches from others strapped into their own multi-ton machines. The merest mistake means instantaneous body trauma and possible physical death. A mutual higher purpose must be at work.

However, the phrase "Road Rage" indicates that not all is well on The Road. Being on The Road reduces what would be friendly encounters among people into stressfully brief encounters where "that idiot in that other car" is doing something stupid, maybe acting as if they want to get into an accident, etc. How can the universal energy field be anything but slinging of arrows back and forth, the extreme speed and potential for instant death compounding the problem. No wonder Road Rage exists.

As you get into your car, again work in the pattern of forming the shield of light, but with this difference

  1. Visualize and intend for this light to form a shield projecting announcement of your presence, connecting that presence to all drivers in your vicinity, and emanating a loving and mutually cooperative state of being. The shield is held most strongly in the horizontal plane around you. The shield also acts to inform you of approaching dangers so that you may act to avoid them. As you emanate love and cooperation, intend that it enlightens the love and cooperation in the others on the road.
  2. Stay with this continually throughout your drive. If you see another acting erratically, purposely strengthen the shield towards their direction.