A typical session with David

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

A typical healing session begins with a short discussion to check in, and see where you are and what you most need in the moment. Before your arrival I will have spent time centering myself, connecting with the divine presence, seeking higher guidance, and in general preparing to be most receptive for whatever you bring to the session. Our conversation helps me to tune into the issues you bring, and how they manifest in your energy field.

The question always is "what's here now", as it is your present condition which is our starting point.

Once we have discussed what you desire, or what's here now, the actual healing work will begin. Generally this involves having you lie on a massage table, fully clothed, as I give the healing (by interacting with your subtle energy field). Usually I will be placing my hands on your body at various locations. I may follow various breathing patterns, or voicing sounds, and this is always due to following the energy as it flows in service to you. After a time, generally 40-60 minutes, the energetic flow and interaction will naturally come to a close.

You generally will have a wide variety of experiences from heat or cold, to peace, to remembering past events, to thoughts, to sensations in your body, and you may even fall asleep. The clients I have worked with have experienced all these, and more.

I can see you at a distance as well as in person. Time and space is not a limiting factor, and I am able to reach out to you wherever you are to bring healing.

Healing Processes

While every healing session is unique, and some typical energy healing processes I might employ are

  • Clearing and charging: The sweeping or clearing away of old unnecessary mental or emotional debris. Also charging, or strengthening, your energy field. This is also known to greatly help cancer patients with the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Time Capsule (Past life) healing: Any energetic structure formed at a previous time (whether this lifetime, or a previous one), is energy and consciousness still believes it is in that previous time. By contacting the stuck energy, and helping to release the past trauma, more of you is available in the present time.
  • Chakra repair: Each Chakra's primary purpose is to absorb Chi from the surrounding universe, and this primary purpose can go awry in a number of ways. By repairing the chakra, you release any issue which caused the chakra to be misaligned, and your energy field can be better fed.
  • Etheric body restructuring, organ restructuring: In any disease or physical trauma, the aura has a matching distortion in one or more levels. By restructuring, or repairing, this distortion can be released and bring rapid relief to any physical symptom. This is also known to help cancer patients with the side effects of radiation therapy.
  • Hara alignment: The Hara is a term coming from martial arts, and in the nomenclature of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing it refers to the level of intentionality. When you take an action is it in positive intentionality (e.g. in constructive harmony with your true purpose in life) or negative intentionality (destructive)? Hara alignment process brings you closer to positive intentionality.
  • Core star healing: The core star also comes from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing nomenclature, and is the spark of divine presence deep within all things. A core star healing brings more of your unique divine expression out into your life.