Healing yourself with Inner Homeopathy

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Most of us feel pain, disappointment, fear, anxiety, worry, anger, guilt and a whole range of negative emotions. In fact it seems living as human beings requires feeling those emotions. At the same time these painful emotions often act to hold us back from living our life fully.

Inner Homeopathy offers a way to transform our negative emotions and find a way to live more fully.


Inner Homeopathy has grown from an inspiration I had one morning while driving to work. It was a flash of inspiration which seemed so simple yet profound, and one which I felt was important to explore more deeply. I shared the inspiration shortly after with some friends, and they really loved the idea.

The concept is very simple, though it will take several pages to explain fully. The seed of the idea is this: Homeopathic remedies are made by taking a harmful substance and diluting it in pure water over and over and over and over. Eventually the water has no measurable trace of the original harmful substance, but the water has taken on curing properties. Homeopathy then takes a poison and turns it into a medicine.

Inner homeopathy applies this as a spiritual process. In inner homeopathy one learns to dilute their inner pains in the pure light of divine essence. As you surround your painful feelings with divine essence, this acts like regular homeopathy to transform those feelings and the inner poisons they spread within you. The divine essence is just like the pure water, and through inner homeopathy one transforms inner poison into inner medicine.

Inner homeopathy is a work in process. As of this writing I have several months experience with the concepts, and the practice has been very helpful to me. With the Inner Homeopathy practice I have begun to transform painful memories and habits which I've been trying for several years to heal.

As I've worked with these practices it is clear they are very similar if not identical to traditional meditation practices. It is my hope that looking at it this way can prove useful to others, as it has to me.