Lokavagga - The World (verses 167-178)

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Do not follow a life of evil; do not live heedlessly; do not have false views; do not value worldly things. In this way one can get rid of suffering.

A man should not live heedlessly but should exert himself to live righteously. Such a man is happy in this world and in the next.

A man should live righteously and not wrongly. Such a man is happy in this world and in the next.

Just as one would look upon a bubble, just as one would look upon a mirage - if a person thus looks upon the world, the King of Death sees him not.

Come, behold this world which is like unto an ornamented royal chariot, wherein fools flounder, but for the wise there is no attachment.

A man, who is free from heedlessness and is heedless no more, purifies himself and shines in this world like the moon which is freed from a cloud.

Whosoever, by a good deed, covers the evil done, such a one illuminates this world like the moon freed from clouds.

Blind is this world. Few are those who clearly see. As birds escape from a net, few go to a blissful state.

As swans can fly easily through the air, as those who persevere can perform wonders, wise men can easily conquer death.

There is no evil that cannot be done by the liar, who has transgressed the one law (of truthfulness) and who is indifferent to a world beyond.

Verily, misers go not to the celestial realms. Fools do not indeed praise liberality. The wise man rejoices in giving and thereby becomes happy thereafter.

Better than absolute sovereignity over the earth, better than lordship over all the worlds is the Fruit of a Stream-Winner.