Buddhavagga - The Buddha (verses 179-196)

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One who has conquered all defilements, cannot be defeated. Such a one is The Buddha, who has attained unlimited power.

One, who has no Craving with its snare and poisons, cannot be disturbed. Such a one is The Buddha, who has attained unlimited power.

The wise ones who are intent on meditation, who delight in the peace of renunciation (i.e. Nibbana), such mindful perfect Buddhas even the gods hold (most) dear.

Rare is birth as a human being. Hard is the life of mortals. Hard it is to obtain the chance to listen to the Dhamma. Rare is the appearance of the Buddhas.

To cease from all evil, to cultivate good, to purify one's mind: This is the advice of all Buddhas.

Forbearing patience is the highest austerity. Nibbana is supreme, say the Buddhas. He, verily, is not a recluse who harms another. Nor is he an ascetic who oppresses others.

Not insulting, not harming, restraint according to the Fundamental Moral Code, moderation in food, secluded abode, intent on higher thoughts, - this is the Teaching of the Buddhas.

One, who has craving, cannot be satisfied even when he has plenty of gold. The wise man does not crave as he understands the consequences of craving.

A wise man finds no delight in heavenly pleasures. The disciple of The Buddha takes delight in the destruction of Craving.

To many a refuge fear-stricken men betake themselves - to hills, woods, groves, trees, and shrines.

Nay, no such refuge is safe, no such refuge is supreme. Not by resorting to such a refuge is one freed from all ill.

He who has done for refuge to the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha, sees with right knowledge the Four Noble Truths - Sorrow, the Cause of Sorrow, the Transcending of Sorrow and the Noble Eightfold Path which leads to the Cessation of Sorrow.

This, indeed, is refuge secure. This, indeed, is refuge supreme. By seeking such a refuge is one released from all sorrow.

Hard to find is a man of great wisdom: such a man is not born everywhere. Where such a wise man is born, that family thrives happily.

Happy is the birth of Buddhas. Happy is the teaching of the sublime Dhamma. Happy is the unity of Sangha. Happy is the discipline of the united one.

Honours those worthy of honour, who has overcome all passions, and Suffering.

He who honours those worthy of honour, he who has overcome all passions, he has overcome Suffering, he has gained great merit.