Arahantavagga - The Perfected One (verses 90-99)

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For him who has completed the journey, for him who is sorrowless, for him who from everything is wholly free, for him who has destroyed all Ties, the fever (of passion) exists not.

The mindful exert themselves. To no abode are they attached. Like swans that quit their pools, home after home they abandon (and go).

They for whom there is no accumulation, (of kammic activities or the four necessities of life) who reflect well over their food, who has Deliverance, which is Void and Signless, as their object - their course like that of birds in the air cannot be traced.

He who corruptions are destroyed, he who is not attached to food, he who has Deliverance, which is Void and Signless, as his objects, - his path, like that of birds in the air, cannot be traced.

He whose senses are subdued, like steeds well-trained by a charioteer, he whose pride is destroyed and is free from the corruptions, - such a steadfast one even the gods hold dear.

An Arahant is not troubled with anything just as the earth is not troubled with clean and unclean things. He is virtuous and pure, as water free from mud. He attains Nibbana.

Calm is his mind, calm is his speech, calm is his action, who, rightly knowing, is wholly freed, perfectly peaceful, and equipoised.

The man who is not credulous, who understands the Uncreate (Nibbana), who has cut off the links, who has put an end to occasion (of good and evil), who has eschewed all desires, he indeed, is a supreme man.

Whether in village or in forest, in vale or on hill, wherever Arahants dwell, - delightful, indeed, is that spot.

Delightful are the forests where worldlings delight not; the passionless will rejoice (therein), (for) they seek no sensual pleasures.