Sitting with your 'stuff'

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Inner Homeopathy asks you to find the parts of you that have pain, your 'stuff', and to hold it in love. One thing we often do is to rush to fix our pain, but let's look for a moment whether that is helpful.

My experience says the urge to fix our pain is an attempt to control it. Rather than explore the cause the fix is often the equivalent to taking aspirin. Sometimes aspirin is a suitable treatment, but if the pain that's being killed is a deep problem that needs other attention? For instance an analogy might be whether you would take an aspirin for a broken leg? No, you'd see a doctor to have the bone set etc.

For our inner emotional pain there are many ways we can 'fix' the problem. Some examples are:

  • An inner demand to shut up
  • Pretend it doesn't exist, and pretend to the world that everything is okay
  • Detach from the pain and not experience it at all
  • Give the emotional baggage or pain to someone else
  • Stop the feelings from having any life

Inner Homeopathy asks you to give freedom to your 'stuff', rather than controlling it. When one prevents a feeling from having its full life, the feeling is unfinished and there is a residue of that feeling that you carry around. In a way the pain comes from that residue.

Another unhelpful possibility is to wallow in your emotional pain. What we examined above is ways to control the pain and not feel all of it. But some people wallow in their pain, and their pain is all they experience in the world. One effect of this practice is that one doesn't experience the other parts of themselves, such as their core essence. The truth is that even though one has pain that there are other parts to each of us, and the truth of who we are is more like the average of all the parts of us.

Inner Homeopathy asks you to be all that you are. To be not only your pain, but all the parts of yourself. The Inner Homeopathy process is, through ayer and intention, to open to the divine presence and as the divine presence to touch your own pain. This is a middle path between wallowing in ones pain and denying or controlling the pain. One does neither of them, but instead one is both your painful emotions and at the same time your divine self. To be all that you are, you can be both your strong and confident and centered self while at the same time experiencing the frightened or pain filled part of yourself.