Finding your heart and loving yourself

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

One day leafing through Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing I came across a section about meditating on love. It's towards the end of chapter nine, and Ron Roth discusses Hilda Charlton's experience with meditating on love. After several months of an exercise her teacher gave her, she had this sudden awakening to love. Reading this a light popped inside me and I wanted to experiment with this exercise myself.

This exercise is very much related to the Inner Homeopathy concept. But let's first discuss the exercise itself.

It is very simply to meditate or pray with the phrase: 'I am filled and thrilled with the power of love'

Ron Roth recommends doing this at least once a day, spending a few minutes with this idea. Even better is to find time throughout the day to meditate or pray with this phrase. It need not be any elaborate ritual, as it is simply a matter of breathing in and out and as you do silently repeat the phrase 'I am filled and thrilled with the power of love'

Let this be more than just an exercise of repeating some words. This exercise is about using an affirmation to 'Develop love by training the mind to think loving thoughts'. My experience, which you can try out for yourself, is that repeating words is nice but it is a whole deeper level to fully experience the words. As you repeat the phrase 'I am filled and thrilled with the power of love' have the intention that this aligns you with love, that the phrase connects you with love, that your love, your source of love, become known to you. The words of the affirmation can act like a magnet to call love from the depths you may have hidden it.

Can you know ahead of time what love is? Do you know now what color or shape love is? Do you know now how to stand, or how to breath, or any other way to reliably experience love?

In many ways we do not know what love is. The symptoms of this are omnipresent in society and is the root of many pains we experience in the world. Finding our the source of love that is inside us can heal many of those pains. To admit you do not know the correct posture or breathing technique or whatever that brings love is very powerful. As you experience this phrase, 'I am filled and thrilled with the power of love', let it show you what love is.

You may find sensations moving around inside you. You may experience memories or emotions surface from inside you. Stay with the intention that love is showing you what love is.

Here is where the Inner Homeopathy concept comes to play. If you do experience pains such as old memories or emotions, remain connected to love. You may have a habit of pushing painful memories aside, denying them, suppressing them, etc. Inner Homeopathy asks you to change your old habits and, as love, to embrace the painful feelings.

If in your day you find yourself worried about something, in a tense meeting, raging at the stupid drivers around you, angry at the slow checkout line, or any other disturbance to your peaceful existence, Inner Homeopathy asks you to bring love to the forefront. If you can remember this practice, repeat the phrase 'I am filled and thrilled with the power of love', experience love inside you, and at the same time remain connected with the disturbance happening around you. Love can embrace all things, and love can transform any feeling into peace and joy. Given enough space for love to be present, that is.

In many ways our lack of peace with the world is because we do not give enough room for love in the world.

It is when love embraces your painful memories or other disturbances that Inner Homeopathy is in action. When love embraces your pains, they are wrapped in energies that will act to dissolve and transform those pains.