The Inner Relationship

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

I, like many, grew up with voices and behaviors that have me treating myself very badly. This is, it seems, a universal pattern, that all people have inner critics and other kinds of voices inside themselves which actively interfere with their lives. This is the shadow self, the dark side, negative self images, etc. A lot of pain arises from this side of us.

To some degree Inner Homeopathy is about encouraging yourself to have a better relation with yourself. Inner Homeopathy asks you to embrace the painfilled parts of yourself with divine presence or love. Is that not the essence of creating a better relationship with yourself?

Learning to recognize this inner relationship is a great first step. Most of us are unaware of this relationship. In many ways meditation, especially Zen Buddhist meditation, has an effect to help you recognize your inner relationship.

The method to recognizing your inner relationship is to become very aware of what's happening within you. I mentioned Zen Buddhist meditation because they ask you to hear the thoughts which zing through your head. Not to get involved with believing those thoughts, but to at least hear them. In my experience those thoughts are usually the rumbles of the subconscious mind.

I also find it helpful to learn to pay attention to body sensations. Those sensations are often directly related to what your energy field is doing.

Rosalyn Bruyere, one of the teachers I've trained with, said over and over that we humans are carbon-based information storage units. She meant that we record, in our bodies and energy fields, all the events that happen to us. All the trauma's etc, and that these events are recorded at the place they occurred, with the same force as was present in the event. I have experienced the truth of this over and over. For example in 1983 I had a terrible car accident where my legs were crushed between two cars who collided at 40 miles/hr. Since then I have, over and over, experienced my legs having pain, I would sink my awareness into the pain, and there would be memories of the accident. As I hear the memories of the accident feelings flood through me and eventually subside, and then the pain releases.

It's clear to me after several years of this, that my legs stored in them the horrific trauma they had to endure. Over the years the pain in my legs has lessened. However earlier this year, when I first started getting this Inner Homeopathy idea, I had several bouts of intense leg pain. It was strong enough I could barely stand, yet most of the times I was in public, shopping at a store, and somehow I had to deal with the pain and make it home.

What I learned to do was to bring heart and love feelings into my hands, and then hold my legs. That was it, and immediately each time the pain would dissipate with the memories dissolving away.

This is one of the things I mean by a healthier inner relationship. I was learning to touch myself in a loving way.

How many of us have habitual self-touching which might be self-abusive? It might be hard to recognize abusive self-touch for what it is. If you feel consternated and rub your forehead, what does that touch tell yourself? Some people slap themselves (?gently?) at times, what does that touch tell yourself? Some people slap their hands at times, what does that touch tell yourself? I'm talking about the unconscious here, and it may be difficult to recognize these habits in the first place, and then realize what you are saying to yourself with these habits.

The next step is that, once you've learned to recognize your inner relationship, to bring change. Habits are simply the way you've always done something and there is nothing magical about them. A habit is tied to beliefs that the habit is the right way to do something, but those can be changed it just takes some practice and self discipline. However it may be easy that in changing a habit you begin to chastise or punish yourself for having the habit in the first place.

This is one of the ways Inner Homeopathy can help change habits more easily. Inner Homeopathy is about bringing divine acceptance to your inner relationship. If you can't accept yourself, then who will do so? As you practice Inner Homeopathy you are practicing unconditional acceptance for yourself, since the divine presence is essentially unconditional acceptance of everything.

Accept unconditionally the parts of you that are today filled with pain. Accepting this part of yourself means being, at the same time, experiencing the part of you which has unconditional acceptance as well as the part of you which is in pain. It is a delicate balancing act to experience both states of being at the same time.