Messages from the Water, by Dr. Emoto

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

While Dr. Emoto did not directly appear in What the Bleep his work plays a crucial role in the message shown by the movie. Let's look a bit at what he's been doing, so that we may understand why this is important.

There is a DVD that shows and his work more clearly Water Crystals in Motion- Messages From Water. It is in the structure of a documentary showing Dr. Emoto's beginning ideas that led to his work with the crystalization of water, and demonstrating a few of the experiments.

In his research he takes water samples, freezes the water, and then observes the water using a darkfield microscope. A darkfield microscope is simply one where the subject is placed in front of a dark background, and a light is shone on it from the side. Typical microscopy is done with a light showing from behind the subject, but by having a dark background and light shining from the side you can see other things. In this case, it is the dark field which lets him see the water crystals.

On the DVD the process that's shown is this:

  1. Take water sample.
  2. Carefully make measured water droplets on individual slides.
  3. Place the slides in a freezer.
  4. After they're frozen, take them out into a room held at -5 degrees centigrade (just below freezing).
  5. Look through the microscope at the crystalization process just as the water is thawing.

You might think that one water crystal is just like another, but snowflakes are simply water crystals and we know that they vary greatly.

His observations are that the structure of the water crystals vary greatly depending on the conditions. Polluted water forms little or no crystals, whereas mountain spring water forms beautiful crystals. At one time he took samples from a river as it passed by a town. The water from above the town formed beautiful crystals, the water from within the city limits did not form crystals, and after several miles downstream the water would again form beautiful crystals. He's also played different kinds of music to the water, seeing the various kinds of crystals formed with classical music forming beautiful crystals and heavy metal forming fractured ones.

The most interesting result is from words and intention. He took distilled water, wrote words like "Love" or "Hate" on labels, and affixed the labels to water bottles. The crystals for "Love" were beautifully structured, while the ones for "Hate" or "I hate you and will kill you" were very fractured.

In an experiment shown on the DVD they took Tokyo river water, in which he'd never seen crystal formation. He gathered a group of people to pray for the waters well-being, and then went through the process. After people prayed for this Tokyo river water, it formed beautiful crystals where a previous sample from that same water had formed no crystals.

What he's demonstrating is how intention and prayer can affect water.

Consider how much water is in our bodies, and how our state of being affects the water within us.