Links and resources related to Orb Photography

By: ; Date: Mon Jan 04 2021 13:13:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) A study of "colorful" plasma energy orbs discovered in Gulf Breeze, Florida in 2000. The site is very strangely organized but very extensive.

Dutch Light Orbs An extensive site, Dutch, of pictures collected for over 6 years of orb photography.

Orbs by Beans The Beans are a couple who has been making Orb photography since 1999.

Photographing the Paranormal "Inexplicable circles and clouds, known as orbs, vortexes and ectoplasm, are appearing in photographs worldwide. Yes, some are photographs of dust, rain, pollen, lens flare or anything else logical minds can embrace, but not all. Taking your own photos and interacting with these energies will convince you that some are beyond explanation. Years of experiments and research have persuaded me these light forms become more plentiful for those who intentionally seek them and believe they exist. Study them and they will broaden your understanding of life itself."

THE ORBS SEDONA PROPHETS CONFERENCE Was held in May 2007 and had several people speaking on various aspects of the orb phenomenon.

Orb Project Book, Forums A forum site related to the Orbs book by Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann.

Orbs Wiki A wiki area for Orb research.

The Orb Zone Presents 'actual' scientific evidence of the org phenomenon.

Orbs on Wikipedia

Science of Orb Photos A look using scientific method to discover the extent orb photographs might be optical anomolies rather than psycho-energetic phenomenon. They conclude it's due to optical effects.

Ghost Photographs from the GRS Collection is a collection of example ghost photographs, as well as fake ghost photographs.

Mysterious Orbs - Emanations from A Divine Field? Article by Linda Moulton Howe concerning orb phenomenon.

Orbs of Light is a page with many pictures taken by someone exploring the orb phenomenon. It's interesting they attempt to recreate orbs by dropping dust in front of a camera.

ECETI Orbs Photos are pictures collected by James Gilliland.

Ghost Lights and Orbs Is part of a site covering many mystical things, and is a nice overview of what these are.

Digital cam pic showing a CLEAR FACE! - appears to be someone who wasn't expecting to find orbs, and surprised.

In Search of Grace Is a person posting a couple photo's claiming that orb photos are of ghosts or spirits. - is a Yahoo Group which has been shut down, and which focused on Orb Photography. It later became .. A ghost research group based in Indianapolis

Learn basic ghost photography! is an excellent short tutorial on beginning to do orb or ghost photography. There are several good hints on avoiding light anomalies.