David Herron, A Guide on the Road to Peace of Mind

By: ; Date: Thu Dec 30 2021 03:31:49 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)

Free your essence: Your essence, the spark of who you are, is the power which can ease any ache, resolve any pain, heal any hurt, and is the divine light within you.

Energy Healing is a practice using Chi to enliven the aura. The aura contains your emotions, mentality, and spiritual life, as well as the templates on which your physical body structures are grown. By enlivening and working with your aura, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions can be greatly helped and alleviated.

Collaborately I work with you, navigating through the pathways of your aura, bringing Chi, the universal life force, into the places of pain and suffering. Only by releasing past pains and sufferings may you begin to realize the divine essence that is you, here and now. My intent is to assist you in freeing your essence, to bring out more of your true nature, for I know from experience this can assist in relieving any ill.

No matter what your condition is, pain is a sign of forgetting the truth of your divine identity. Be the condition physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, Energy Healing is an appropriate avenue to explore as you search for peace.