David Herron's Theory of Practice

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Okay, let's be honest. If you ask "mainstream medicine" about Energy Healing they will shake their head in disbelief. To most of mainstream Science, the claim that one can touch another, and through "mental powers" (or spiritual means) affect the heaalth and well-being of another is an outrageous claim.

On this page I will attempt to explain the basis for my claims about Energy Healing and the theory I have about its operation.

Let me first say that 12 years ago, before I began training in the healing modalities I've learned, I was on the skeptic side of the fence. Twelve years ago I was making fun of people like who I am today. The transformation of my thinking about these gifts involved witnessing amazing instances of healing, experiencing the power of healing in my life, and watching as "miracles" happened underneath my hands while giving healing to clients. Not that "miracles" happen all the time, nor that they were very "large scale" miracles, still some amazing results have occurred in my clients at times.

In large measure my theory of energy healing is extremely well expressed by Barbara Brennan in her books "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging". The reason I attended her school is that her books matched so well with the experiences I was already having as a healer.

The Healing Energy

First there is an energy most widely known as Chi. This energy has many names in many cultures and is recognized in mystical and spiritual traditions dating back millenia. To explain this energy to you, I can think of no better words than Master Yoda's lecture in The Return of the Jedi as he described to Luke Skywalker The Force. While that was a movie, and clearly not the real world, Yoda's description of The Force corresponds very well with Chi. Chi is everywhere, in everything, is part of every action you take, is in every breath you take, every bite of food, every rock, and more. The word Chi comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine, while in the Hindu traditions the equivalent word is Prana (or breath).

In human beings I am aware of seven energy bodies. These bodies together form the "aura" and contains some aspects of our physical well being, emotions, mental processes, inner imagry, and spiritual connections. Often physical diseases begin as disturbances in the aura, and physical conditions are always reflected by disturbances in the aura. These disturbances can take the form of a blockage, of heaviness, of tears, they can look like weapons, and more. For example the memory of a traumatic incident is stored in the aura until one "finishes" processing the event, which may take millenia.

Healing occurs in the relationship between the healer and the client. In acting as a healer, I tune myself to the divine presence (or God) and open myself to what appears to be a channeling of Chi through my body and aura. The Chi is "informed" by the divine knowledge, wisdom and presence so that the Chi, once it reaches the client, will help the client to release the disturbances in their aura. My part of the healing relationship is to stay open so that the purest channeling of Chi occurs. The clients part of the healing relationship is to remain willing to change and heal, and to relax and allow change and healing to occur.

It is the clients willingness to heal which causes the healing to occur.

New Physics

Recent developments in physics begin to have an explanation of sorts for expriences I and other healers have. Many healers point to Quantum Physics, sometimes known as "New" Physics, and say "SEE, there's the explanation".

There is an explanation which I heard from Amit Gashwari, a prominent quantum physics researcher, that covers this ground very clearly. Dr. Gashwari, by the way, was interviewed in the movie "What the do we know". Here's the salient points:

  • The core question in quantum physics is "What causes matter to exist". That is, the quantum physicists observe that every particle is in truth the fluctuation of a bundle of energy, and that fluctuation has certain probabilities surrounding it. For example there's only a probability that the particle exists in the form we call "physical matter", the particle can take other forms as well.
  • Physical objects are made of a whole lotta molecules, each containing atoms, each containing particles, and each particle has its own probability of existing or not existing as physical matter.
  • The term for this is "collapse of the quantum wave", this "collapse" being the choice in the quantum probability wave between being immaterial and material.
  • Dr. Gashwari claims that what causes the collapse of the quantum wave is intentionality. It is intentionality which causes the quantum wave to collapse, such that the particle is in the state we call "physical matter".
  • Hence, every particle has its own intentionality causing its own quantum wave to collapse into physical matter, and therefore every particle we witness in the physical material universe has its own intentionality to exist as physical matter.
  • The existance of intentionality implies some consciousness which holds the intentionality.
  • Therefore one can see that each particle has a consciousness associated with it, holding the intentionality to exist as physical matter. And it seems obvious that the quantum waves of each particle in an atom are going to be interrelating to one another, and that the effect would not stop at the atomic level but that all the quantum waves in each physical object are going to be interrelated.
  • This then implies a field of consciousness woven through all the material stuff in the world around us, each bit of that consciousness choosing the intenationality to exist (or not).

Or something like that.

What is amazing is how this outline Dr. Gashwari talks of confirms the teachings of mystics reaching back over the millenia. The time I met him in person, his lecture wove together his theory of quantum physics and the teachings of the mystics so very well. It is clear why he was chosen to be in that movie.

An observation on the basis of mainstream medicine

In my training I took an introductory Anatomy & Physiology class through the local community college. The Barbara Brennan School of Healing requires this, no doubt so that we have at least a little background in medical terminology, the structure of human tissues, and so forth. I know that one class in A&P hardly qualifies me as experienced with the makeup of the human body, but it's more than I would have had otherwise.

One of the things I came away with is how mainstream medicine ignores the true basis for the material stuff in our bodies. One aspect to the A&P class was to teach the makeup of the body at several levels of detail. These levels begins with atoms, then molecules, organic compounds, sub-cellular structures, cells, tissues, and then the whole body.

The point is that the A&P class starts by teaching the fundamental makeup of the tissues in our body is "atoms", for they didn't teach anything about subatomic particles nor anything from quantum physics. We were told a lie, and that lie is the basic organizing principle that beginning medical students learn concerning the nature of reality. The lie being their claim the fundamental makeup of matter is these little rocks (electrons) flying through orbits around other little rocks (neutrons and protons) in a pattern akin to the structure of the solar system. The truth is that the whole shebang is not solid at all but instead energy bouncing around in a dance ruled by the laws of quantum physics. As I pointed out above, at least one theory says that everything in existance as physical matter does so based on some form of intentionality and consciousness.

I wonder what medicine might be like if the basis for their understanding of the basis of material existance took into account quantum physics? Especially the quantum physics theory Dr. Gashwari has developed.

A friend has in Genetics and Biology, and I've consulted with her on the use of Quantum Physics in the understanding of Biology. The good news is that in later study of Biology, beyond the Freshman level introductory course I took, they do teach Quantum Physics as part of the understanding of Biology. The bad news is that the equations involved become very complex the larger the systems become, and that macromolecules like proteins seem to be the cutting edge of complexity in utilizing Quantum Physics. For example Quantum Physics is used in Magneto-Resonance (NMR) imaging and several other measurement systems widely used in Biology.

Physical Chemistry is very reductionistic, which means that the scientists involved do not deal with the interaction of a large complex system of chemicals like we find in living tissue. Instead they separate out a handful of chemicals at a time, and work to understand those reactions. I suppose that eventually they take their understanding of each individual chemical reaction, and try to construct a full picture of the chemical interactions going on in a large system like a living cell.

Even that ignores ideas like Dr. Gashwari's theory that it is intentionality and consciousness that is the root of the existance of matter. As a healer, when I connect with tissue and bring healing, it seems at times like a communication of consciousness. For example, when I connect with a simple cut or burn to repair the tissue, every time it seems that the damaged tissue is in utter terror believing it is about to die, and that when I channel that terror away from the tissue it is able to quickly repair and has little or no pain.